Hi there, I hope things are going smoothly for you!

Almost everyone I work with is working on some kind of plan right now.  I am attaching the templates I have promised to several of you lately, and I appreciate the opportunity to have these strategy conversations, as I learn a lot from them.

For those of you who don’t know this already, strategy is an area where I do a lot of work: working with districts and departments within districts on strategy (whether they call it strategy mapping, strategic planning, or improvement planning); running workshops on strategy (next one in March); and an article I wrote on strategy is going to be published in the Kappan in an upcoming issue.  So please, if I can help with any of your planning, please don’t hesitate to call!

Conversations I have had in the last couple of days make me realize that some of the other resources I’ve used for strategy and planning need updating, so I will work on those and send them to you when they are more up-to-date.

I’ve also been asked if it’s OK to forward these letters—please do.

Yours, Isobel

Blank strategy map 11×17

Strategy Map Annotated Template

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