At the Center, we see coaching as a core skill for anyone who has responsibility for the professional development of educators—in other words, for leaders as well as coaches. We have a coaching model that focuses on:

  • Listening and asking questions that prompt thinking, problem-solving and reflection;
  • Helping teachers and leaders think through problems of practice and develop strategy;
  • Providing feedback appropriate to the developmental stage of the client;
  • Challenging assumptions and opening up possibilities;
  • Gathering data and distilling lessons learned.

At the same time, we do not see coaching as a narrowly defined, highly prescribed activity, and encourage the use of coaching conversations outside formal coaching relationships. To that end, we offer the following coaching-related services:

  • Individual coaching for district and building leaders provided by Center staff;
  • A three-day coach-training and development course, working with a tested and successful coaching model that focuses on the fundamental skills of coaching, listening, questioning, feedback, collaboration and problem solving;
  • Support for districts that wish to incorporate coaching into their strategic plan, to help them think through how coaching will support capacity-building, will be implemented, and will be measured.

Our three-day Introduction to Coaching is a powerful professional learning experience that provides prospective coaches with everything they need to begin coaching.

The Coaching Power Hour is a virtual community of practice for coaches to learn about the latest research, to glean hot tips from experts, and to practice coaching with each other.

In addition, we publish articles, papers, and case studies on coaching, including the Coaching Letter, a regular email subscription service.  To sign up to receive the Coaching Letter in your inbox, please email

How School Leaders Create the Conditions for Effective Coaching
by Isobel Stevenson and Sarah Woulfin
November 2019, ASCD Express, Vol. 15 No. 6

Petitioning the Board on Coaching’s Merits
by Isobel Stevenson
September 2019 School Administrator

Executive Coaching for Superintendents: One Way for a Board to Protect Its Investment
by Isobel Stevenson
February 2019, The CABE Journal, Vol. 23 No. 2

What a Question Can Accomplish
by Isobel Stevenson
June 2017, The Learning Professional, Vol. 38 No. 3

Coaching Services

The Center works on several fronts related to coaching:

  • We train coaches for teachers, principals and superintendents—Sign up for the next training.
  • We provide the opportunity for coaches to delve deeper into certain topics—sign up for our Coaching In Depth or Coaching for Equity
  • We work with districts to incorporate coaching into their strategy for improving student learning—to find out more contact Isobel Stevenson
  • We host the Coaching Power Hour, a community of practice for coaches
  • We provide coaching to principals and superintendents, and sometimes educators in other roles—to talk about receiving coaching, email Laura Boutilier
  • We publish articles on coaching
  • We send out the Coaching Letter –
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I am not sure I can accurately express my sincere appreciation and gratitude for my executive coach from CCSC. As a first year principal my coach was an invaluable resource for me and I would absolutely recommend every new principal taking advantage of having a coach.  She helped me with everything from daily school management issues to strategic planning for school improvement. While my coach supported me with many technical and adaptive issues that every first year principal is bound to face, it was her warm and reassuring style which meant the world to me.  She has been a critical thought partner for me this year and a coach who listened, guided and supported me through my first year as a school principal.

Michelle Zawawi, Rockville High School Principal, CAS 2018 HS Principal of the Year

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