Central Office Effectiveness

The Center partners with district leadership to examine the structures, processes, and practices of the central office team in support of teaching and learning. This may include defining roles, developing structures, and providing professional learning for leaders to enhance their support for schools in their district.

Capacity and coherence reviews* are available for districts to help determine areas of need and focus services. Our expertise includes supporting district central offices’ efforts to create optimal support for their school leaders, which enhances opportunities for substantial school improvement while promoting a coherent districtwide approach.   Central to this work are two fundamental questions: What is the optimal way to support school leaders to accelerate student learning, and how do we function as a team to promote a coherent and effective districtwide approach?

I would not be the instructional leader I am today without support from the Center. Between their team and my many talented colleagues, we’ve learned to put instructional and student learning first, broadening or – as necessary – narrowing our lenses to be more reflective, inclusive and hands-on in our discipline, approach and follow through.

Betty Feser, Former Superintendent Milford public schools

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