The Center has worked with dozens of districts on acceleration over the last few months mostly through our Acceleration Workshops.  Districts that are looking for additional support for implementation, we are offering the options below for how the Center can support your work.  For those districts that have not yet been able to take advantage of our Acceleration Workshop it is being offered again in June; click here for the flyer.

Additional Acceleration Options from the Center:

  • Option 1: We can further your thinking and planning on a particular topic covered in the Acceleration Workshop with a 2 hour workshop focused on a particular aspect of acceleration. This would include a quick review of the framework and relevant research on the topic and then expanded work with any of the tools that were developed in support of this topic. An example may be a session on re-imagining your summer school that should result in a new model for you to implement this summer.  Fee for this option is $2,500 and the audience size is unlimited.
  • Option 2: We can take the work from option 1 further and provide focused support for Acceleration via a coach or thought partner who could spend time with your district leaders as you move to the implementation phase.  This would include up to 12 hours of interaction via phone, email or zoom in support of your work. The fee for this option which includes option 1 (a 2 hour workshop) in addition to the 12 hours of support is $7,500.
  • Option 3: We can bring the Acceleration Workshop to your district in a 1-day retreat that would include the content from the workshop, opportunities to interact with the tools and time for planning by your team.  This option can be provided virtually so the audience size is unlimited. The fee for this option is $8,000.
  • Option 4: We currently facilitate an Acceleration Community of Practice which we intend to continue.  The CoP is a monthly meeting via Zoom of districts that wish to learn from each other as they implement their plans for Acceleration. We may reconfigure the existing COP to add other districts or begin a second one depending on interest and the topics districts wish to pursue. Please let us know if interacting with colleagues in a formalized fashion will help meet your needs. The fee for this option is $250 for the first participant from each district, and $125 for each additional participant from the same district; districts that sign up for one of the first three options will receive 5 seats in the CoP at no additional cost (although individual participants will still need to register). More information about the CoP, including a Zoom preview, will be forthcoming.
  • Option 5: In addition, we are planning an Acceleration Network Improvement Community (NIC), much more intensive plan for supporting districts deeply committed to focus not only on Acceleration, but also the work of improvement science (Bryk, et al, 2015). To learn more about this option, we are going to hold information sessions to further describe the costs, commitments, and benefits of membership in this network improvement community.  The Acceleration NIC is described in more detail in this letter. If you are interested in hearing more, please watch the Acceleration NIC “Infomercial” (recorded April 7, 2021.)

As always we take pride in personalizing our work to our districts. With this goal, we would be happy to talk with you about other options that will help you continue to build on your thinking and the work you began in one of the Acceleration Workshops. Please email Laura Boutilier with some possible times to begin this conversation or to commit to one of the options outlined above. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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