The Connecticut Center for School Change excels at listening. We work with our clients to identify strategic needs and challenges, and to help districts design plans to meet those requirements, implementing viable, timely, collaborative solutions and metrics.

Our goal is to help individuals, schools, systems and districts improve teaching and learning and ensure equitable experiences for all Connecticut children. To achieve this mission, we strive for a contextualized, personalized approach; while we can build on solutions that have been tested and successfully implemented elsewhere, we realize that each district and school is unique, and requires a customized action plan. Our depth of experience, research abilities, planning, and facilitation skills allow us to meet challenges that require strategic, systemic, and innovative answers and implementation.

The Center serves as thought partners, coaches, and professional developers; we provide technical assistance, build instructional expertise, and support leadership capacity. CCSC endorses a model of continuous improvement grounded in the cycle of inquiry.  Throughout the partnership, the Center works on developing and maintaining relationships with district personnel that are foundational to the work.  To see the most updated list of our services, click here.


To read about how districts can develop powerful systems with leadership talent development, click here. 


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