Coaching Letter #106

Hi, I hope this finds you well! The contents of these coaching letters are a mix of things I’ve wanted to say for a long time, things I feel like I say all the time, and things that I’m just now learning and thinking about.  This letter represents a mix of all three. I [...]

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Coaching Letter #105

Hello, I hope your weekend has been enjoyable. Here in Connecticut the temperature has been in the 60s, which in previous years would have felt like a miraculous respite from the winter weather, but in the context of the fires in Australia, seems merely ominous. Every time I speak or write lately, I seem [...]

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Coaching Letter #104

Happy New Year! Lang may your lum reek—or, in American English, may there always be a fire in your fireplace. New Year is a big holiday in my tradition, and I wish you all the best for 2020. This Coaching Letter is your encouragement to join with Center staff, colleagues across Connecticut and friends [...]

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Coaching Letter #103

Hello, I hope this finds you well. Most schools in Connecticut have had three or four snow days already, so I hope you are warm and dry wherever you are. The last Coaching Letter, #102, was about small cycles of continuous improvement, and so is this one. It also connects to Coaching Letter #94, [...]

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Coaching Letter #102

Hello, and welcome back after Thanksgiving. I always feel like it’s the hardest holiday to come back from—somehow it’s not long enough to deal with all the over-consumption—gastronomic and otherwise—that happens. Maybe I’m just speaking for myself. But it is long enough to get some serious reading done, especially when you tag on a [...]

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Coaching Letter #101

Friends, two years ago at Thanksgiving I sent out Coaching Letter #14 about the science of gratitude. People still bring it up to me as a message that meant a lot to them; I am glad for that. Interestingly, my life got a lot more difficult and complicated after I wrote it, but I [...]

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Coaching Letter #100

Friends, thank you for all the encouragement I have received lately, on a variety of projects. And a big shout-out to all the coaches I have worked with lately in a variety of contexts—thank you for all the work you do to support other educators. I know it’s harder than it looks. And also, [...]

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Coaching Letter #99

Good morning! I find it interesting that the one thing I get asked about the most is adult learning. It is also the hardest thing for me to respond to, because the field is so vast and there are so many approaches. So tackling adult learning as a discrete topic in a Coaching Letter [...]

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Coaching Letter #98

Today is Day One of the Center’s fourth annual Equity Institute, which I have written about (and tweeted about—check out #equitableclassrooms) before. Our approach to talking about equity is to use the power of story and the power of art to take people into a third space where it is possible to have deep [...]

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Coaching Letter #97

I hope you’re doing well. In my part of New England we are at the peak of fall, and it’s gorgeous outside. This Coaching Letter is about communication, because it’s been a theme in the work I’ve been doing with several districts lately. Leadership teams have a lot of figuring out to do, a [...]

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