Coaching Letter #127

Hello, I hope you're doing well. I know you’re busy, so I have held off sending out a Coaching Letter until I was sure I would be sending you something useful. This, I hope, is that letter. It’s about lots of things, actually—perceived self-efficacy, mental models, emotions, self-awareness—but let’s bundle those all together and [...]

2020-09-26T07:40:36-04:00September 26th, 2020|Stevenson Coaching Letter|

Coaching Letter #126

Hello, I hope the weather is good wherever you are, and that you are getting some time to rest and recover after what was, for almost all of you, a very tiring week. But I’m also aware that a sizeable number of readers of the Coaching Letter are on the West Coast, and badly [...]

2020-09-14T09:04:10-04:00September 14th, 2020|Stevenson Coaching Letter|
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