Coaching Letter #120

Hi there. I hope you're doing well. I don't know if the end of the school year has provided you any respite or not--I know things are still very busy. I hope you do get to breathe a bt. Here in Connecticut it's been ridiculously hot and muggy, and I am grateful that we [...]

2020-06-29T07:44:19-04:00June 29th, 2020|Stevenson Coaching Letter|

Coaching Letter #119

Friends, I had a Coaching Letter almost ready to go on Tuesday night. I can’t remember why I decided to send it on Wednesday morning instead, but on Wednesday morning it was nowhere to be found. Apparently I wrote the whole thing without saving? Stupid mistake. I was too annoyed and frustrated to try [...]

2020-06-15T08:59:14-04:00June 15th, 2020|Stevenson Coaching Letter|

Coaching Letter #118

Friends, I hope this finds you well. My colleague Kerry Lord ran a Zoom session on wellness for 300 people today which expanded my thinking about what we mean by wellness—that it is not just about our emotional and physical health—we should also be talking about intellectual and social wellness. That all seems exactly [...]

2020-06-04T08:48:28-04:00June 4th, 2020|Stevenson Coaching Letter|

Making Sense of It All

It is June 3, 2020.  Days into protests across the nation and world, human beings are angry, confused, frustrated, and in pain.[i] Today I sat down to pen a statement on behalf of CT Center for School Change, but I struggled. During the last several days, I’ve used writing as a source of sense-making, [...]

2020-06-04T09:53:41-04:00June 3rd, 2020|Leadership at the Center|
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