Coaching Letter #69

Good evening.  I hope that the weather isn’t going to be too disruptive to your plans over the next few days.  I’m kind of hoping we get trapped in the house for a couple of days, to be honest.  I could use the time. A lot’s been going on recently.  I wrote the Letter [...]

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Coaching Letter #68

Hello, I hope this finds you well.  I have had the privilege of having some very challenging conversations recently, employing the adjective "challenging" in several ways.  Some have been cognitively challenging, some emotionally taxing, and some have involved difficult topics.  Here I just want to register that we (at the Center) have lots of [...]

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Coaching Letter #67

Happy New Year! As I wrote in CL #20, this time last year, I am not a huge fan of New Year’s resolutions.  I know there are studies that show the percentages of people who give up on their resolutions by mid-February.  I should probably go track down a couple for maximum intellectual integrity, [...]

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