Center’s Deep Bench Helps Enhance District Improvement

Joe Macary has been superintendent of schools in Vernon, Connecticut since 2015, after serving as superintendent in Wolcott. In May 2016, he worked with the Center to conduct a district coherence audit and, based on those results, decided to partner with the Center for professional learning and to strengthen district performance in three key [...]

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The Proof is in the Numbers

Sharon Locke, superintendent in Naugatuck, doesn’t want to talk about equity – she wants to create equity! Locke has been consulting with the Center for several years, and the results, she says, have been remarkable, especially in improved math scores and in growth with the district’s highest-needs students. Locke said that when she arrived [...]

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Putting Instruction and Student Learning First

Elizabeth Feser first worked with the Center for School Change when she was Superintendent in Windsor, CT, prior to becoming Superintendent in Milford.  In Windsor, she was invited to join the Superintendents’ Network.  In doing so, the Center helped her introduce Instructional Rounds. Rounds, she said, helped building principals and central office leaders focus [...]

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Coaching Letter #54

Hi, I hope this finds you well.  I have had a terrific few days, with the participants at the CAPSS/UCONN Women in District Office series, and the Center’s Coaching Institute.  Regarding the former, we’re starting a mailing list for current and aspiring district leaders.  We will add the names of everyone who came on [...]

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Coaching Letter #53

A couple of years ago, I was sitting in a high school principal’s office, and she was bemoaning the state of instruction in her school.  “The problem,” she said, “is that teachers don’t plan.”  First decision point: I did not ask her to clarify how she knew that that was the problem.  “So I’m [...]

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Coaching Letter #52

Hello!  Thanks for all the messages about learning goals as they can be leveraged in organizations.  I have enjoyed the exchanges and I’m glad so many people found the ideas useful. Sometime last spring I decided that we should have a summer book club, and I chose Humble Inquiry, by Ed Schein.  I had [...]

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Coaching Letter #51

Hi, I hope you’re doing well and that school is off to a good start for you.  I know that where I am the weather has been ridiculous, and we can only hope that the worst is over.  We drove through a spectacular rainstorm this evening, and had to move a tree limb from [...]

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