Stevenson Coaching Letter #31

Good evening, and thank you for all the responses to the last Coaching Letter.  Some were flippant and funny, some were pretty deep, and I appreciate them all.  The one that touched me the most is: I would love more feedback on my craft -- as an educator I believe it is so important [...]

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Stevenson Coaching Letter #30

Hi, I hope you're doing well. There is a great article in a recent New Yorker about instant feedback <> .  A Finnish company, HappyOrNot, makes and sells these gadgets-about the size of a lunch box on a post waist high, with buttons indicating level of happiness that customers can punch as they walk [...]

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Stevenson Coaching Letter #29

On December 28, 1978, United 173 was coming in to land at Portland, Oregon, when a piston slipped on the landing gear, causing the landing gear to fall into place with a thump.  But the landing gear did come down, and the plan should have been able to land safely within 40 minutes of [...]

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Stevenson Coaching Letter #28

Good evening-I hope the storm hasn't caused you too much inconvenience.  In my last coaching letter, I mentioned how many school shootings there have been since Columbine.  Actually, there have been at least 239 since 2014 <> .  Also in that coaching letter, I mentioned cultivating optimism.  This coaching letter is about why that's [...]

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