Stevenson Coaching Letter #27

I was a first year principal when Columbine happened (April 20, 1999).  At that time, it seemed like it was part of a cluster of incidents related to Oklahoma City (April 19, 1995) and before that, Waco (April 19, 1994).  It was the most momentous thing that anyone could remember happening in a school, [...]

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Stevenson Coaching Letter #26

My colleague Richard and I are working with the Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents (CAPSS) on strategic planning.  Fran, the (relatively) new executive director of CAPSS, was very clear with us that she wants the process to be forward-thinking, high-leverage, and not constrained by the “typical” format of a strategic plan.  More specifically, [...]

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Stevenson Coaching Letter #25

Coaching Letter #24 was about the book It’s Your Ship and what I like about it.  I made a connection to the management practice called Total Quality Management, or TQM, and I think I should have spent some time clarifying a few things. TQM is most closely associated with the work of W. Edwards [...]

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Stevenson Coaching Letter #24

One of my favorite recent reads is It's Your Ship, by D. Michael Abrashoff. The book was written by the former Captain of the Benfold, a Navy destroyer, who applied the principles of Total Quality Management (although he doesn't call it that-there is nothing technical about the book and the stories he tells are [...]

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