Stevenson Coaching Letter #20

Happy New Year! I was going to avoid talking about New Year’s resolutions, because the topic seems so clichéd.  But then I would be giving up the opportunity to talk about the way we should be thinking about school and district improvement plans—because they have a lot in common with New Year’s resolutions. First, [...]

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Stevenson Coaching Letter #19

Happy Solstice! Since you are staring at endless days of uninterrupted leisure time, I thought you might appreciate some recommendations for things to read.  I decided to give you suggestions on the topic of behavioral economics, as this field has found new attention with Richard Thaler being awarded the Nobel prize in economics.  The [...]

2018-10-05T09:32:36-04:00December 21st, 2017|Stevenson Coaching Letter|

Stevenson Coaching Letter #18

Hi, I hope you're doing well.  I know that many of you are dealing with tough situations now or soon-many of them to do with budget, but not all of them.  I know that you don't need me to remind you that in your capacity as coaches and leaders, you have particular responsibility to [...]

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Stevenson Coaching Letter #17

Good evening, hope you're doing well. The Coaching Letter about protocols (#16) got very similar feedback to the letter on time management, unsurprisingly, with attendant requests for further information.  I should have anticipated this, and done a little advanced prep work, but clearly I have yet to learn that lesson.  So, in response to [...]

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